Nobody still living was around at the time of the event we now know as the industrial revolution, when steam-powered machines first took over some of the tasks formerly performed by humans. Since then, there have been similar quantum leaps, first following the advent of electricity, and later, digital electronics. Today we are a decade or so into a fourth revolution, and it’s one in which software development courses are set to play a vital role in determining young people’s career choices and, by extension, the future of our technology-dependent society.

Advances in information and communication technology (ICT) have impacted almost every aspect of modern living and have been welcomed by both the young and the elderly. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter combined with the freedom to shop, bank, insure and form new relationships online have had a profound effect, leaving consumers eager to learn what’s next. Inevitably the future lies in innovative software development and coursesthrough which the current ITC experts can pass on their invaluable knowledge and skills.

The number of mobile phones in circulation now exceeds that of the global population, and new models with exciting new features are driving sales at an unprecedented rate. In practice, the main attraction of these devices for the consumer is not the freedom to call anyone anywhere but the rapidly growing collection of innovative mobile apps for every conceivable purpose. Many of those who have chosen to pursue software development courses now enjoy a substantial income from the sale of mobile apps they have created.

While many of the popular applications for phones, tablets and PCs are meant purely to entertain, the demand for business software is equally high. Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe have amassed billions by providing generic, off-the-shelf solutions for home and business use. However, the opportunities for programmers to undertake bespoke projects are manifold and can also be highly lucrative. That is one more compelling reason to consider enrolling in one or two suitable software development courses. So, where can one pursue such studies and what options are available? 

The particularly apt title of Geeks4Learning belongs to an organisation that specialises in providing blended learning within several essential business fields, including information and communication technology. Whether during the online sessions or in the classroom, learners can be confident they will receive expert instruction from tutors with extensive skills and experience gained from their former roles and, therefore, the perfect choice to conduct the various software development courses are appropriately qualified.

The company offers a mix of short four-week courses and three- or six-month options. The shorter options aim to provide a sound foundation that could be sufficient to kickstart your career as a freelancer or even in the formal sector. Some of the longer ones could lead to an NQF level 5 qualification equivalent to a higher national diploma or foundation degree. A recognised qualification such as this could be considered an essential requirement for job applicants by some prospective employers.

The management and staff of Geeks4Learning are dedicated to helping you achieve your potential and a promising future with the aid of cutting-edge technology and well-designed software development courses