The many lifestyle changes forced upon us over the past two years have no parallel in living memory. While COVID-19 may not have been the most lethal pandemic, its effects on the world economy have been devastating. That said, there have also been some positive outcomes. More people now depend on digital technology, and the boom has created many new opportunities in information and communications technology. Attending software development courses offers a chance for people of all ages and backgrounds to qualify for some of those exciting opportunities.

Many of those born in the ‘60s will still recall the days before typewriters gave way, first to word processors and later to personal computers with seemingly unlimited functionality. Since then, digital databases have rendered filing cabinets redundant, telephones are now pocket-sized, and person-to-person video calls are no longer the imaginings of science fiction writers. Now, artificial intelligence and quantum computing are poised to transform 21st-century living even further, and software development courses could enable you to contribute to that transformation.

Behind the internet banking facilities and the innumerable mobile apps that enable smartphone owners to find the nearest fast food outlet, play Texas Holdem, or identify the flight number and destination of a 747 in transit, are hundreds, or even thousands, of lines of code. Each line is an instruction to perform a step in a given function. A line of code may make little sense to the average layperson, or it could be fairly self-explanatory like Console. WriteLine(“Hello World!”). Either way, it consists of words in a language that a software development course could help you master in just a few months or, in some cases, weeks. 

Youth unemployment is a long-standing problem in South Africa. Furthermore, the lockdown restrictions have led to many previously employed individuals losing their jobs or working fewer hours from their homes. However, this enforced confinement has also left people with more free time and, with it, the chance to learn something new or extend their existing knowledge. With colleges and universities out of action, interest in e-learning has grown considerably. The freedom to study online software development courseswhilst stuck at home could be life-changing for many of those in need of a new start. 

Sceptics have warned us for years that technological advances would inevitably lead to wholesale job losses. However, evidence has shown that new technologies tend to create more employment opportunities, albeit in alternative fields. For example, many of those whose former tasks now involve robotic machinery have merely become more productive as robot operators. New hardware is constantly appearing and requires new software to operate. Armed with the knowledge gained from online software development courses, you could be one of those whose mission is to create it. 

Geeks4Learning is a particularly descriptive name for a company composed of computer whiz kids, e-learning specialists and experts in other fields such as finance, human resources and marketing, whose combined experience totals more than a century. As part of the team’s effort to stem the rise in youth unemployment, it has compiled a wide range of online software development courses to help overcome the shortage of skilled personnel in the information and communications industry.