Information technology has been one of the most disruptive influences on human development since the invention of the wheel. Since the latter half of the 20th century, the personal computer and other digital devices have led to a third and fourth industrial revolution, swelling the demand for programmers to extend their potential. The drive to fill new posts has also seen the launch of more companies offering IT learnerships. However, with so much choice, it is essential for anyone with their sights on a job in this lucrative industry to select the right course. So, before you rush to sign up, ask yourself a couple of questions.

What do you hope to achieve?

Maybe you have some artistic talent but feel less confident when faced with technical procedures. A front-end development course could be the ideal way to take your design abilities online. As a web developer, most of the essential tools you require are highly intuitive. The IT learnerships you choose should cover only the minimal programming skills you need to avoid setting yourself too much of a challenge. In this case, you might want to consider a short Java SE 8 or C# programming course from Geeks4Learning.

Is the course content relevant?

As a newcomer to the world of programming, judging the relevance of a course could be difficult. It would be best to ascertain whether or not the knowledge and skills you will acquire from your studies are those that prospective employers are actively seeking. The content of all IT learnerships offered by Geeks4Learning is compiled strictly in line with the latest industry trends. They will, therefore, be a valuable addition to your CV. 

How much time can you devote to your studies?

Often, those with a full-time job believe they don’t have time for studying. Correspondence courses were devised to help overcome this problem by allowing learners to choose when to study but offered only limited applications such as languages and shorthand. By contrast, online learning combines a more immersive audiovisual experience with the opportunity to interact directly with your tutors. Furthermore, the content of IT learnerships at Geeks4Learning remains available online well beyond the course duration, giving you plenty of options when planning your study periods.

Course durations vary considerably. For example, the C# and Java options mentioned earlier run for four weeks while their content remains available online for four months. The CompTIA A+ course lasts just one week. It introduces the learner to the industry’s current core technology, including cloud computing, security measures and networking concepts. Despite its short duration, this Geeks4Learning programme leads to a recognised certificate that could be a great way to launch your career.

What will you need?

Online IT learnerships are a remote learning option that requires equipment compatible with the audiovisual material and able to stream it efficiently. Either an IBM-compatible machine or a Mac will work, but you might need to update your operating system. Broadband would be ideal by a dial-up connection will work. Most importantly, you will require earphones or speakers. Set your browser to accept cookies and enable pop-ups. When you are ready to start learning and embrace a life-changing opportunity, check out Geeks4Learning to learn more about our accredited IT learnerships.

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