There is more to running a business than buying and selling products or delivering a service. These might be the underlying principles of conducting business, but in South Africa, they are only parts of the whole when it comes to running a company (or any other organisational entity) successfully. The other important component of managing a company is ensuring that it complies with all current legislation and that it contributes to the development of society. This is mainly governed by B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) legislation, which mandates that companies offer opportunities that promote equality and where previously disadvantaged individuals can reap the same benefits as others.

Compliance is hassle-free, even for companies that do not necessarily meet all the transformation or ownership goals as set out by B-BBEE legislation. Achieving compliance status is as simple as offering learnerships or accredited instructional programmes that upskill employees and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the company and their future careers. The IT training offered by Geeks4Learning is a robust avenue for companies who wish to achieve compliance and who wish to facilitate knowledge-building and upskilling in their employees as a result investing in their personnel and benefitting the company in the process. In this article, we consider how compliance could change your business for the better, as well as the kind of IT training courses offered by Geeks4Learning.

How B-BBEE Compliance Elevates Your Business

The two main reasons for a company to aspire to B-BBEE compliance are to maintain procurement status as a preferred supplier and to ensure adherence to labour laws. These are not just basic guidelines that suggest a certain course of action, but rather encoded legislation that governs how compliant and non-compliant companies can do business with one another. A company that is not compliant will not be able to do business with government entities nor with large enterprises that are B-BBEE compliant.

It is important to note that compliance should not simply be seen as a legislative hurdle but as a vital part of a company’s functioning. Companies in South Africa have a responsibility to civilians to support social development and transformation, and to show they are committed to and invested in South Africa’s future. Being compliant with B-BBEE best practices is thus not only good for your business but good for the larger community.

IT Training Can Support Companies in Achieving Transformation Goals

IT training encompasses a number of different fields and courses and offers businesses an ideal way to remain compliant while also creating a more formidable workforce.IT training should be seen as an investment, as it better equips employees to perform their work functions, making them more productive and thus boosting the bottom line of the business in the process. By providing your employees with access to courses on information technology, you are essentially equipping them with the tools to become the next wave of leaders in the industry as they learn how to leverage new technologies both in your business and throughout their careers.

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