When you set out to become an IT professional or are looking to refine your knowledge as a current business professional, it is important that you do so through an accredited institution or a learning facility with legitimate credentials. This is to ensure that you receive quality tuition that will hold up in the modern workplace. The IT industry is in a constant state of flux, so it is imperative that the training you receive and the coursework you undertake adhere to professional standards, but also that it is up-to-date and in sync with the latest advances in technology.

In addition to having access to high-quality tuition, it is also important to have access to high-quality exams. Exams are an important part of the learning process, as they are a way to measure learners’ progress and to assess whether they are able to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired. They also provide an elementary goal to work towards and serve as motivation for candidates to apply themselves and make an effort to retain the information and coursework they study.

As an authorised Pearson Vue test centre, we recognise the importance of offering professional candidates access to high-quality examinations to fully test their knowledge and to allow them to apply their coursework. In the article below, we explain what it means to be an authorised Pearson Vue test centre, as well as the kind of coursework that learners can undertake by studying at Geeks4Learning and which examinations learners can complete.

What Is a Pearson Vue Test Centre?

Every authorisedPearson Vue test centre, including Geeks4Learning, is equipped to dispense computer-based examinations specially focused on business professionals who are interested in completing professional certifications. We offer in-house computer-based testing facilities. In addition to simply disseminating computer-based exams, aPearson Vue test centre is also equipped to provide candidates with accredited learning materials and extensive learning resources to facilitate their career success. Secure online proctoring also allows some students to take their examinations from the comfort of their own homes, whether due to illness, disability, or any other reason that prevents them from accessing the examination centre.

How Geeks4Learning Assists You

We guide candidates on their respective journeys to become IT professionals by providing access to accredited IT courses, high-quality coursework, thorough examinations and assessments to monitor candidates’ progress, career counselling, and mentorships. We are a dynamic learning institution and believe in getting involved and presenting candidates with every resource and opportunity to set them up for success in their chosen career path. We offer both accredited and non-accredited courses to ensure that candidates have ample choices and access to upskilling opportunities.

We also partner with businesses to assist them in optimising their skills development spend and ensuring that they comply with current Labour and B-BBEE regulations. Training is an investment for companies, as it makes employees better equipped to function in the modern workplace and it provides them with an incentive to remain committed to their work and to achieve more.

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