The internet began as a collection of websites designed mainly to provide information. As technology has advanced, the online experience has become more interactive. Today, in addition to shopping and dating sites, the web offers opportunities to study numerous subjects ranging from arts and crafts to foreign languages. Often free, these are mainly informal studies. However, many universities took their lead from large-scale correspondence universities, resorting to online video contact to continue providing lectures during the lockdown. While online tuition works, conducting examinations, such as professional IT certifications, via the internet poses several challenges.

Pearson Vue Offers Secure Online Exams

Traditionally, formal examinations are generally held in a hall or large classroom. The candidates are seated well apart, and the entire procedure is timed and conducted under the watchful eye of an invigilator whose task is to ensure fair play. However, when the candidates are in multiple locations, some at work and others at home or in a classroom, these conventional security measures are impractical. So, is it possible to hold a formal examination online and eliminate all possibility of cheating? Yes! Pearson Vue has established a network of test centres to conduct professional IT certifications securely online. Furthermore, the company can extend its services to candidates who wish to participate at home or in their place of work.

The Pearson Vue Testing Procedure

Once you have completed your studies and are ready to write your exam, you can book your test date at a test centre close to you through the Test-takers page on the Pearson Vue website. If there is no centre nearby, you can arrange for remote proctoring at home or in your office. Once you have paid, you will receive the unique login credentials by email. You will need these to access your professional IT certification exam. 

The Pearson Vue testing service employs advanced technology and proctoring procedures trusted by many leading companies in the IT industry, such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Cisco. This valuable third-party service enables a web- or land-based training academy to extend its tuition programme with easy, secure access to the relevant online test material when required. The company applies various measures to ensure candidates adhere strictly to the accepted examination protocols. In addition to the login credentials, those pursuing professional IT certifications outside of an accredited test centre must produce two official forms of visual identification, which are then compared with a live uploaded image taken by their PC’s camera.

The room will also be scanned to ensure it is empty of all other furniture, the candidate’s desk is clear, all doors are closed, and no other person is present. However, the precautions don’t end there. Candidates’ activities are monitored throughout the test period. The sound of another voice or a door opening could trigger an investigation that might result in disqualification.

Geeks4Learning is a Registered Pearson Vue Test Centre

By contrast, professional IT certifications held at a registered Pearson Vue test centre take place in a controlled environment. The candidates are known to the staff, and security precautions are more aligned with those in a conventional exam room. Geeks4Learning offers a blend of online theory and in-house practical instruction leading to various IT qualifications from our premises in Johannesburg. We invite you to explore our range of demand-driven courses designed for those interested in studying for recognised professional IT certifications.