The government introduced the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) initiative in 2003. The Act was an attempt by the South African administration to address the inequalities experienced by the nation’s black citizens during the apartheid era. To summarise, its goal was to increase participation by previously disadvantaged individuals in the ownership, control and management of the country’s businesses. Current business owners are awarded points for attaining various prescribed goals. Training ranks highly on the point scale. Thus, an IT skill development consultation can be invaluable in guiding a company to maximise the benefits achieved through their B-BBEE spend. 

Professional Skills Development Offers Many Benefits

Unfortunately, the pandemic and its economic consequences have led to fewer employment opportunities in most fields. However, the growing dependence on digital technology has continued to fuel the demand for programmers and specialists in all areas of information technology. Knowledge of Java or Python could change an employee’s life, opening the door to a new and more lucrative career path. Furthermore, the benefits to the sponsor aren’t limited to gaining points. An IT skill development consultation will show you how empowering an existing staff member could help meet in-house skills shortfalls. Doing so will also avoid the expense of hiring a recruitment agency. Perhaps you rely on expensive consultants to maintain your network or a legacy system. Financing the appropriate training for a suitable employee offers a means to gain a substantial long-term return on a relatively short-term investment. 

How an IT Skill Development Consultation can Boost Your Business

Understandably, some employers have reservations regarding the high cost of full-time study at a technical college or university. They may also need to hire temporary replacements while employees are absent. However, an IT skill development consultation with Geeks4Learning should be sufficient to alleviate those concerns. In practice, many courses available in this field do not require full-time attendance. Furthermore, some require just a few weeks of part-time study. For example, we offer a six-week course covering the fundamentals of Java programming. The content is in line with the Oracle Certified Associate learning path. Alternatively, there is an option to learn the basics of C# in just four weeks. For a brief introduction to cloud computing, security, networks and data management, our week-long CompTIA A+ course is ideal. 

The IT skill development consultation should also alleviate any concerns you may harbour about lost working hours and related expenses. Geeks4Learning operates a system of blended learning in which the bulk of a learner’s study is conducted remotely via the internet. Furthermore, learners can choose when and where it is most convenient to study. Employers may set aside a facility on site and allocate time for this purpose or equip an employee with a tablet or laptop to use at home.

Our undertaking to provide IT skill development consultations stems from a passion for empowering young people who we believe are the future of our nation. Since that passion aligns with fundamental B-BBEE principles, we endeavour to help businesses comply with those ideals. You are achieving more than B-BBEE compliance by upskilling your previously disadvantaged employees – you are uplifting the nation. 

We invite you to learn more about the extensive range of Geeks4Learning computer courses. If you like what you see, why not contact us to arrange an IT skill development consultation.