Geeks4Learning? What a name right? Funny how we describe intelligent people as “geeks” ? Or is it intelligent people who wear glasses or just all smart people? I will leave this to you to pick your brains.

I guess the word “learning” in our academy’s name makes it easy for you to put two and two together, that we are all about education or about rather learning.  Geeks4Learning is an IT training academy that prides itself on offering industry-aligned and customizable training and learnership programmes which can help businesses upskill individuals and have day-zero-ready IT talent from the moment the learners complete their training, thus offering a guaranteed return on investment (ROI). For individuals, these learnerships provide employment and training opportunities that will give them the opportunity to enter the IT industry and ensure they have a path to success.

We have partnered with industry experts (subject matter experts) who will be able to assist learners on relevant concepts and how these are applied in the South African IT industry, and we utilize internationally renowned proficiency assessment tools to ensure that all talent that completes our training can effectively assess their skills and improve on them.

Our aim is to ensure that we take these individuals on a journey of not only discovering which path in IT they would like to go into but to also help them effectively kick-start their professional careers.
Why “journey” you may ask? Well, the word “journey” is “the act of travelling from one place to another.” Geeks4Learning works with businesses to upskill individuals as they move into an ever-changing and growing industry. During this, there are a couple of steps that need to be taken to realize the main goal, which is to be the best at what you do and create a successful career.

We take a few steps to ensure that we offer training that can not only upskill but reskill any individual so they can get to where they want to be. Our programmes are broken down into 4 important stages to ensure that in each phase an individual can grow and progress accordingly:

  • Bootcamp (2 Months) – This is the screening phase used prior to the beginning of our 12-month long learnerships to assess how well a potential student can grasp all the concepts, and how well they can learn so that we are able to correctly guide individuals about the career path they need to follow within the industry. Through this process, learners can effectively choose their desired career path and ascertain which IT stream they should pursue.
  • 8 Months of Theory and Practical work – This is the first part of the learnership programme. This period includes learners partaking in accredited content and industry-aligned content. We incorporate teachings about the latest tools, languages and methodologies that will allow learners to stay relevant and UpToDate with the current standards of the industry. Additionally, to all of the above, learners are provided with soft skill training and workshops which ensure that individuals know how to plan and how to implement what is learnt within a team of diverse individuals, leveraging off of the strengths of each other.
  • 2 Months of a Project Simulation – This is the second part of our learnership that bring in more of the practical implementation of what the students have learnt in the first phase. Students are provided with a project specification and must work within a team to implement the entire project according to the software development cycle. At the end of this phase, they will present the final output and through this process, the technical trainers will assess their progress and identify any gaps in their skill sets that must be attended to. This part of the programme is built out to include all learnt aspects so we can access the learner’s ability to implement the skills acquired and see how they can fix any mistakes made. At the end of this stage an individual should be able to work within a real project team on a real project.
  • 2 Months of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) – This is the final part of the programme. An individuals must now take all the skills honed over the time of training and work within a real working environment. Through this time the learner builds proper working experience. Individuals work on a real-life project to display their understanding and job readiness to prove themselves to their sponsor.

You might be wondering who we are providing this journey for? The journey that we take you on can be for both a business and an individual. The services offered to a business and their journey is based on ensuring that they achieve real and valuable outputs by developing a pipeline of skilled talents that will bring great value and improve the company’s BBBEE compliance. At the end of this journey, they will also be able to say that they contributed to the South African youth skills development, achieve their compliance goals, as well as gain top IT talent for their business needs.

For individuals, the journey is based on providing various learning solutions for people at different stages of their career journey. Whether you have just matriculated, you have graduated from university or college and need practical experience, or you are a professional looking for the latest IT courses and certifications, Geeks4Learning is the place to be. Making sure that learners receive internationally and locally accredited courses, mentoring from IT industry experts who can guide them in their journey, and in the end, they can effectively start their career and continue to grow from there.

From all the above-mentioned services we do not just stop there; our journey is so excellent that from the beginning to the end you are taught independence, leadership, teamwork, and hard work. We provide all of the recourses for learners/students to succeed (mentoring, training, etc). Al of this coupled with the individual’s passion for IT will produce day zero work readiness. We help cultivate the passion for IT into something that can improve the lives of the youth in this country as well as the talent in all businesses we work with.

What makes our journey more excellent is that we are partnered with various industry bodies to ensure that our training is relevant and up to date, so we can help individuals remain competitive with the skills they get from Geeks4Learning. Our partners such as CompTIA, Microsoft Imagine Academy, etc help us ensure that students/learners can complete certifications at the end of their training through the resources we get from them. Our other partners such as StudentHero and Mobicred assist individuals when it comes to financial assistance and payment options for students who prefer to do our online courses and qualifications. They make it easier to start your IT career without the worry of paying for it immediately.

Why should you join us? The answer is quite simple; learners (matriculants, degree holders) walkway with the relevant work experience and an update in skills learnt in school. The greatest takeaway is the skills (technical, soft skills, etc) an individual acquires for them to succeed in the IT industry. And businesses receive day-zero-ready IT talent which contributes to the effectiveness of the organisation, as well as a great return on investment (ROI). Not only is this a talent benefit but the business benefits in terms of B-BBEE compliance.

We aim to positively contribute to the South African unemployment rate through providing accredited IT training for individuals to kick start their IT careers and for businesses to ensure that their skills development spend is put towards impactful skills programmes that will produce quality IT professionals who are ready to add value to the workplace.

In conclusion, we call this the journey to excellence because as a company we strive for excellence and believe if we do the right thing, the right way, together we can all achieve excellence. Our programmes are a whole rounded experience that will create the perfect environment for individuals to successfully grow towards careers within the South African IT industry. This will allow individuals to strive for excellence within themselves and one day at time through this journey we are meeting our goals of #BuildingFutureGeeks!


Come and be a part of this journey to excellence with Geeks4Learning!


To partake in this journey, you can send us an email at or give us a call on 011 998 1960.