IT Skills Development Courses could increase productivity and improve staff retention while also providing a welcome boost for your B-BBEE Score. Programmers, data specialists, web developers, and systems analysts are in constant demand, and companies must often pay substantial sums to a recruitment agency for assistance with filling these specialised posts. Not only is the service expensive, but an agency can offer no guarantee that the candidates they select on your behalf will share your company’s established values or work ethic. Often, one needs to look no further than one’s staff to find a practical solution. In practice, providing the relevant training for an existing employee would be a less costly and more reliable option. 

Geeks4Learning B2B Services Include IT Skills Development Courses

As an accredited training academy, our goal is to empower youth and create employment opportunities through training based on the known requirements of employers in the information technology industry. To that end, we provide a range of services for both businesses and individuals. For employers, we offer the option of a professional consultation to help them identify which form of employee training will be most relevant to their needs. We will also explain how upskilling previously disadvantaged individuals will help improve a company’s B-BBEE score and thus facilitate access to new and lucrative markets. 

How IT Skills Development Courses Impact Your B-BBEE Scorecard

The newly appointed ANC government recognised the need to create an environment of equal opportunity that would empower previously disadvantaged citizens to participate in South Africa’s Economy. In 2001, it established the foundations of a strategy known then as black economic empowerment. Since then, the concept has been extended, culminating in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Act of 2003. The act consists of five elements.

  1. Ownership
  2. Employment Equity
  3. Skills Development
  4. Supplier Development
  5. Socio-Economic Development

In practice, the third and fifth of these options are the easiest to implement. They also carry high weightings when calculating your B-BBEE score while offering the most additional direct benefits to a participating company. The money you invest in training black employees will be measured against your company’s annual payroll to calculate your new score.

Should you choose to extend similar support to the community at large, your revised score will be based on the value of your contribution compared with your net after-tax profit. More importantly, every rand spent on upskilling these individuals will be helping to build a more prosperous South Africa.

IT Skills Development Options from Geeks4Learning

The demand for computer programmers and other IT specialists is outstripping the supply. At Geeks4Learning, we focus on information technology, providing a selection of training courses to help fill the continuing shortfall in this market.

No previous knowledge is required for many of our courses. In just a week, an employee who attends our CompTIA A+ course will gain an introduction to technologies ranging from cloud computing and networking to security and the use of mobile devices. In a year, that same employee could qualify as a full-stack Java or C# developer and the proud holder of an internationally recognised qualification.

In practice, upskilling staff members or communities through IT skills development courses will achieve far more than a higher B-BBEE score – it will transform lives. Why not start that transformation today? Book a business consultation with Geeks4Learning.