Isn’t it strange that everything we knew is not the same anymore? Look at how our cell phones, televisions, and radios have evolved. By the looks of it everything just went smaller and thinner; how funny…and we are doing good so far by evolving with technology.

As much as everything is changing, we are also changing, our ways, mindset and knowledge are also changing, for instance, the new cell phones we are using have so many features that we must learn, which is a new set of skills. I think we should be proud of ourselves…we indeed learn every single day.

The world of today is all about being tech savvy, but what really sets IT apart? What really sets IT careers apart from others? The answer is simple, it is its relevance. Look at how everything has changed and increased its quality and how they remain appropriate for our needs. “The IT industry is always advancing with new skills and automation coming into play in various spheres of our industry and life” says our Technical Assessor & Moderator – Marshal Musarurwa.

As all these changes occur, I am sure it is hard for our new generation to stay up to date with the constantly involving IT industry. Marshal mentioned that one can stay relevant in the IT industry by always upskilling to keep abreast with the advances and latest IT trends. He also mentioned that you need to be a lifelong learner by always upgrading and expanding your professional knowledge.

As an IT practitioner, you need to be on the lookout for any new trends and technologies, you also need to network on professional platforms like LinkedIn, join professional certification groups, attend various virtual workshops that may be hosted by leading IT organisations etc

Keeping up to date with changes in the industry and staying relevant requires the same approach of upskilling and adapting to the advances in IT. You must always be willing to get your hands dirty and sweat a little after hours and sometimes on weekends learning new skills through various self-learning tools on the Internet and then formally studying accredited professional certification programs.

According to Marshal, the benefit of staying relevant broadens your career advancement options and your ability to grow professionally, it also adds value to an organisation. With the rate of IT advances and changes, staying relevant will always give you an added advantage. If you don’t stay current, you will find yourself being replaced or unable to land your hand on other exciting job opportunities.

It is important to stay relevant to the industry however it is also very beneficial to individuals to continuously develop technical skills because this will help them perform their duties with a greater degree of competence, giving them the ability to serve organisations with technical acumen by employing various skills and technologies thereby adding value to your organisation.

But how as you may ask, Marshal says the required and necessary skills can only be acquired through upgrading, upskilling and professional networking. The upgrading can be in the form of technical workshops, certifications offered by organisations like Salesforce, Microsoft, CCNA etc. Skills can also be acquired through formal education programs offered by IT training providers like Geeks4Learning.

Updating our knowledge in the industry we work in ensures that we remain relevant as individuals or corporate organisations in terms of skill sets and technical services we offer respectively. As individuals we will remain employable and useful to the organisation and as an organisation updating our knowledge about the industry ensures we remain in business.

The only sure way of staying current with technology trends is to always scan for any new IT trends and this can be done by setting up a research and development unit to constantly advise the greater organisation on the direction in which technology is taking so as to ensure that as an organisation we can quickly shift and remain aligned to latest technology trends, move with speed to implement and align to the latest trends otherwise we find ourselves losing clients.

Geeks4Learning can help individuals to remain updated, we are always using our different communication platforms to discuss new trends and job opportunities for the South African youth. We also provide courses that focus on new trends in IT and through these courses. individuals can go about upskilling themselves.

In conclusion Marshal advises individuals to first get a clear picture of which career path they want e.g., Systems development, cloud computing, software testing etc. Then the next step would be to start off through a learnership or internship through accredited training providers such as Geeks4Learning where one can learn industry-relevant skills at the same time setting up a solid career foundation. For those with National Diplomas or Degrees, usually, the training provider can apply for an exemption (credit accumulation transfer) for some courses which will enable such people to have more time for other supplementary technical skills training that employers are looking for.


It is best to remain relevant, informed and fully skilled to add value not only to the organisations but to yourself.