If you didn’t make varsity, don’t settle for boring. An exciting career in IT is still within your reach if you study some software development courses. The computer has transformed almost every aspect of our daily lives, and IT specialists are dedicated to finding more and more ways to do so. Whenever we send a multi-media message, conduct a video call, make an online purchase, or check our bank balance using a smartphone, we rely on thousands of lines of precisely written computer code to ensure everything works safely and efficiently.


The Impact of Attending Software Development Courses is Evident Everywhere

Few homes are without a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer, and our “Smart” flatscreen TVs are just as dependent on computer code. If you have a new generation washing machine or fridge, there’s every chance it is internet enabled and receives regular software updates, constantly extending its built-in functions. Even in industry, the so-called internet of things (IoT) enables machines to communicate with one another and the nation’s manufacturers to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. While some of the programmers who write the code for these indispensable devices will possess a university degree, many more will likely have learned their skills by attending some relevant software development courses.


Some Examples of Software Development Courses to Launch Your IT Career

There are numerous programming languages in everyday use. However, many of these are old and used primarily to maintain legacy systems, while others are proprietary and intended to perform some unique company-related task. For more general programming purposes, currently, proficiency in Java, C#, and Python are probably the coding skills most sought after by employers in the IT industry. These are all object-oriented programming (OOP) languages and offer coders some significant advantages over older procedural languages, such as COBOL, Basic, C, and Pascal. Let’s review some of their uses and the career opportunities each of these presents.


  • Java: This is the oldest of the three, and due to its cross-platform abilities and versatility, it is still the most widely used. Applications for Java include mobile apps for smartphones, gaming, web development, and native Windows programs. Geeks4Learning offers a six-week Java SE 8 programming course in line with the Oracle Certified Associate certification learning path that will provide the essential skill set to qualify you for a role in IT. You also have the option to extend your studies with a 12-month Java full-stack developer course, leading to an NQF5 level qualification recognised throughout the IT Industry.


  • C#: That’s C sharp for those with no musical background. Like Java, it is a general-purpose programming language with applications in similar fields, although it is somewhat less flexible. Both are equally effective for web development purposes, but Java is generally favoured for cloud-based, data centre, and Android apps. Geeks4Learning also offers 6-week introductory and 12-month full-stack courses for those wishing to learn C#.


  • Python: The language is rapidly gaining popularity. While useful for web development, it is widely seen as the best option for data science and the emerging field of machine learning. Compared with C#, it’s easier for beginners, and Python programmers command higher salaries.


Software Development Courses at Geeks4Learning

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