Information technology is a rapidly evolving industry with many exciting and lucrative employment opportunities, so an IT learnership could be life-changing. Following the appearance of the first personal computers in the ’70s and the subsequent development by Tim Berners-Lee of the World Wide Web and the internet browser, our lives were destined to change forever. The landline and fax machine are fast becoming redundant and have been largely replaced by technologies, enabling us to make voice and video calls and transmit files and photographs using various electronic devices, such as a pocket-sized smartphone.

Banks have been closing down branches in many countries as more and more of their clients choose to perform their banking transactions online. Overall, it seems unlikely that any technological advance has proved more disruptive since humans first learned how to generate electricity. Consequently, the industry has a near insatiable need for personnel with IT skills.

Which IT Learnerships are Most in Demand by the Industry?

Perhaps the best answer to this question is all of them, although candidates with knowledge of a programming language tend to head the industry’s wish list. Those PCs, smartphones, tablets, and even the cable service on your flat-screen TV would not function without the appropriate software programmes. A visit to the Apple or Android download site will reveal thousands of applications created for the relevant cellphones, personal computers, and tablets.

The ability to identify and create helpful smartphone apps offers the entrepreneur an opportunity to build a lucrative home business or a job opening for those who prefer the security of formal employment. The following are the programming languages most in demand and for which IT learnerships are available in South Africa:

  • Java: If you favour a job that offers variety, studying to be a Java programmer should tick all your boxes. Though over 25 years old, Java remains popular and in high demand due to its straightforward syntax that is easy for beginners and the appeal of its cross-platform compatibility within the industry. Java’s versatility is almost unrivalled. It can be used for web development, mobile apps, and native Microsoft Windows applications on a write-once, run-anywhere basis. Most IT training companies offer a short course for front-end developers, which should appeal to those with a flair for design. A year-long formal qualification will cover the additional skills required to become a full-stack developer.
  • C# (Pronounced See Sharp): C# is a relatively new high-level, object-oriented language developed by Microsoft in 2000, combining the best features of Java and C++. The main benefits of C#  are its flexible data types and reusable components, making it ideal for web development, Windows applications, and games.
  • Python: With the rise in applications for artificial intelligence, Python programmers are in great demand, and its straightforward syntax makes it ideal for the beginner. It can also be used for website development and data analysis.

Where to Find Quality IT Learnerships

Courses in each of the languages described are available from Geeks4Learning. In addition to the main content, they include related studies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and other topics as relevant. The training is mostly conducted online at the learner’s convenience via two-way communication with the tutor. If you are ready for a new career, why not contact us to inquire about IT learnerships to suit you?