Modern businesses depend heavily on information technology. Providing IT training for your employees will empower them and could help to improve your B-BBEE score. The invention of the personal computer has revolutionised many aspects of our daily lives. We now rely on them for instantaneous communication by email rather than waiting days for a response to a handwritten or typed letter. They also provide users with access to information and are a source of endless entertainment. However, none of these functions would be possible without programmers to create the software that runs on our PCs.

Programming skills are in high demand, as is anyone with some form of IT qualification. To encourage employers to empower previously disadvantaged employees through skills transfer, the South African Government introduced the broad-based Black Economic Empowerment scheme, typically abbreviated to B-BBEE. Compliance is rewarded on a point basis related to the nature of the upliftment provided.

Providing IT Training for Your Staff Can Benefit Your Company in Several Ways

Naturally, any form of employee training is valuable. The new abilities gained can represent a valuable addition to their CV and could open new and more lucrative career opportunities. However, their newly-acquired skills can also be invaluable in-house and might justify a promotion. When your broadband router malfunctions, a server crashes, or the company’s website urgently needs updating, you won’t need to hire an expensive third-party consultant. Instead, you will have an expert with the necessary skills on your payroll. Furthermore, you will also be awarded some extra B-BBEE points, which is an additional bonus. Skills development is one of five elements measured by the government scheme. The others are as follows:

  • Ownership: Businesses are encouraged to assist black entrepreneurs in acquiring a company.
  • Management Control and Employment Equity: Points are awarded for ensuring representative numbers of black employees in managerial positions.
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development: This involves using the services of BEE-compliant companies wherever possible.
  • Socio-economic Development: Services to underprivileged communities are also rewarded.

How will Providing IT Training Affect your B-BBEE Score?

To calculate a company’s points, the Department of Trade and Industry will examine the sum spent on training, specifically of black employees or community members, as a percentage of the company’s annual payroll. So whether the skills transfer is allocated internally or to the local community, points are awarded on the same basis. The choice enables a company with no need for IT skills or which already has an expert on board to participate and qualify for those valuable extra points. The scheme does not differentiate between the nature of the training or how it is delivered, and upskilling is one of the highest-scoring benefits of B-BBEE compliance. However, few skills are in more demand than those associated with information technology. It is a constantly evolving field that influences everyone.

How to Arrange IT Training for Your Staff

Programming, database management, networking, web development, and PC security are among the many IT training options from Geeks4Learning. They range from short courses of a few weeks to year-long studies leading to an internationally recognised qualification. More importantly, their content is always in line with current industry needs. If you are interested in empowering some of your staff or your local community and earning some extra B-BBEE points, why not contact Geeks4Leaning today?

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