Learners may receive many hours of expert instruction only to gain a dubious qualification. A Certiport certificate offers a worldwide guarantee of quality. The company, a subsidiary of Pearson VUE, is the author of standardised examinations in information technology, offering credentials on behalf of industry leaders, including Microsoft, Adobe, AUTODESK, and Intuit. Every year, it delivers millions of exams to candidates in almost 150 countries and 27 languages via the corporate technology market and secondary and post-secondary educational networks.

The subsidiary differs from the parent company in that its exams are conducted exclusively through approved test centres. However, where in-person testing may not be practical due to local restrictions, candidates may be able to arrange for proctored testing to be conducted in their homes. By contrast, all candidates for a Pearson VUE exam may choose to take it at a test centre or online, either at their place of work or at home.

The Value of a Certiport Certificate

Skilled individuals are vital to the growth of the 21st-century economy, especially in the rapidly evolving field of information technology. Employers are looking for reasons to hire an applicant, and a relevant certified qualification is a great way to capture their attention. Third-party certification can add credibility to those seeking to market their skills, improving the employment prospects for new entrants while also helping to advance the careers of those already employed in the IT sector. Certified candidates also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Higher Salaries: Statistics indicate that IT professionals with a recognised certification are paid 6% to 7% more than their non-certified colleagues. Furthermore, employees who obtain certification or acquire new skills generally qualify for a substantial salary increase.
  • Better Job Prospects: A certification programme satisfaction study conducted by Microsoft in 2021 confirmed that more than 90% of managers consider a certified qualification to be a key hiring criterion.
  • Improved Academic Performance: Studies show that certifications positively impact academic performance in several ways. These include higher grades and graduation rates, increased tertiary enrollments, and significantly lower dropout rates. In some cases, certified students may even qualify for credits towards their college courses.

A Popular Certiport Certificate Learning Programme from Microsoft

As mentioned previously, Microsoft is a keen supporter of the Certiport initiative. MS Certified Fundamentals is one of its most popular certification options. From an IT recruiter’s viewpoint, MS Certified Fundamentals offers the assurance that a candidate is well-versed in the use of Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics. These are the essential tools for those involved in developing artificial intelligence, data science, cloud computing, and, ultimately, access to the metaverse.

Where to Enrol in IT Courses Leading to a Certiport Certificate

Geeks4Learning evolved from an initiative by Reverside training in 2019 to upskill young people and prepare them to meet the constantly growing demands of the IT industry. Our coursework and exams are all certified by recognised authorities, including BCS, ISTQB, Pearson VUE, and Certiport, thus guaranteeing credibility. Please feel free to view our wide range of short and long courses and perhaps enquire about joining those already enjoying the many benefits of completing one of our certified learnership programmes.