Although many companies offer IT training and testing, learners would be wise to deal only with those who have verifiable business analysis certifications. The demand for people with skills related to information technology has snowballed in recent years and seems likely to increase further in the future. Many organisations now offer learnerships and certificates to prepare learners for a career in computing. However, those hoping for a job in this rapidly expanding industry should ensure their qualifications are worth the paper on which they are printed.

Worldwide, the British Computer Society (BCS) is regarded as the gold standard when validating the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate computing degrees. Much of the focus of the BCS process is on ensuring the needs of both business professionals and the IT industry are adequately met by companies that offer learning and test facilities. Information Technology is constantly evolving, and business analysis certifications are a means to ensure training institutions keep abreast of these trends and update their knowledge and course content accordingly when necessary.

BCS Certification Provides Reassurance for Businesses

Learning and development are among the primary responsibilities of a company’s HR department and the means to ensure staff members have all the knowledge and skills required to perform their jobs effectively and advance their position within the business. More often than not, the necessary training will need to be conducted off-site by a suitably qualified third-party service provider who may also serve as a test centre, conducting examinations for a relevant qualification. In such cases, employers should always take the time to verify that their chosen facility has the appropriate certification to provide the promised services. In the computing industry, that means its services and facilities have been approved by the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.

How do Business Analysis Certifications Benefit Learners?

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to examine the role played by Geeks4Learning. We are a leading provider of IT training services to individuals and businesses. Over the years, computing has evolved from a mainly hardware-oriented industry into a multi-billion dollar business dedicated almost exclusively to software development. Accordingly, the main focus of our IT training courses is on popular coding languages, such as Java, Javascript, C#, and Python. Between them, they now provide the code for most mobile apps, interactive web pages, games, and native Windows applications, while Python is considered the best option for AI developers.

While some of our courses are comparatively short and may not result in a formal qualification, we also offer full-time learnerships leading to an internationally recognised NQF 5 equivalent qualification in Java, C#, software testing, and business analysis. All learners that participate in our examinations and their sponsors can be assured that the security and facilities at our on-site testing centres are fully compliant with the most stringent requirements of the British Computer Society.

Our BCS business analysis certification guarantees a steady flow of well-trained, thoroughly tested, and talented young people destined to become the next generation of industry leaders. Click here to learn more about our IT courses and how they are changing the future.