Information technology will dominate the way we work in the future, and IT learnerships will play a crucial role in meeting the increased demand for developers. Apart from the occasional quirky author, nobody uses a typewriter today. Those noisy machines were rendered redundant with the introduction of the personal computer and word-processing software such as MultiMate and WordPerfect. While email has not yet achieved the desired paperless society, it has largely replaced our previous dependence on the postal service.

Wherever one looks, there is evidence of the digital revolution that has created a lifestyle vastly different from that of our grandparents. That revolution, however, remains a work in progress. Three-dimensional printers continue to change the face of manufacturing with each successive improvement, and advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are an almost daily event. While many jobs will no longer require human intervention, employment opportunities for people with IT skills have been growing at an unprecedented rate, and university graduates alone cannot meet this burgeoning demand.

The Key Benefits of IT Learnerships

It is important to distinguish this more recent training opportunity from the better-known and older apprenticeship option. Those who choose the latter route might need to study for up to three years before qualifying. By contrast, learnerships are often one-year qualifications. The option offers the learner several significant benefits as follows:

  • Gain a Qualification: For example, on successful completion of a one-year, Java Full Stack Developer course, you will have earned a nationally-recognised qualification in line with the NQF Level 5 requirements for IT systems development.
  • Train on the Job: The option provides practical experience at the coal face, providing a valuable addition to your CV. You also have the opportunity to shine in the presence of a potential employer.
  • A Chance to Plan Your Future Career: As you learn more through your chosen IT courses and workplace experience, you will gain insight into the many varied opportunities to apply your new skills. The knowledge you gain will help you decide the best way forward.

In addition to these personal advantages, IT learnerships also have some more widespread benefits:

  • A Means to Promote Diversity: Equipping South Africa’s previously-disadvantaged youth with those skills that are in high demand helps reduce the wealth gap, promote the role of women, and address inequalities in the workplace. Employers participating in these schemes can also benefit their B-BBEE scores and business prospects.
  • Improved Economic Growth and Economy: Growing the available pool of skilled individuals is vital in growing the nation’s economy by reducing its dependence on costly imported technology and skills. Expanding the applications for digital technology will also improve worker efficiency and productivity and help South African industries compete in the global market.

Where to Enquire about IT Learnerships

Since 2019, we at Geeks4Learning have been addressing the chronic shortage of young people with IT skills. Our solution has been to partner with businesses to provide a balanced training experience through practical learnerships. We offer a mix of short courses for those who wish to test the water and year-long courses leading to an accredited qualification. If you would like more detailed information, please complete our online contact form.