Few innovations have proved as disruptive as the computer. It is transforming our daily lives while driving the need for continuous IT skills development. Information technology launched an industrial revolution with consequences far beyond those of harnessing steam power and the use of electricity soon after.

Today, mobile phones outnumber humans and have evolved far beyond the bulky hand-held device of the ‘70s, which had press button keys and was limited to making voice calls. Modern smartphones have apps for everything from online shopping, banking, and navigation to exercise programmes, games, booking holidays, and monitoring your vital signs. In parallel, industries rely increasingly on automation, virtual and augmented reality, and robots, while even some surgeons now employ robotic assistance to perfect certain interventions. Information technology has not only created millions of jobs but has also become a powerful driver of continuous career development.

IT Skills Development Fuels the World’s Most Rapidly Growing Industries

Shipping, healthcare, travel, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, and aerospace are just a few examples of industries whose day-to-day efficiency and future growth are now heavily dependent on leveraging various digital technologies. Like life itself, IT is an evolving entity, an assertion amply supported by the exponential growth of artificial intelligence. The once remarkable abilities of virtual assistants like Cortana, Alexa, and Braina now seem primitive compared to the potential of the generative pre-trained transformer 3 (GPT-3) language model that can create reams of detailed written dialogue in response to brief typed or verbal prompts.

Workplace demands have changed. IT is not an occupation like carpentry or bricklaying in which an apprenticeship provides all the skills one will ever require. By contrast, both the developers and users of these powerful modern digital technologies must now ensure they keep abreast of changes through continuing professional development (CPD). It is also vital that IT training academies focus on enhancing the skillsets most in demand and ensure their certifications and qualifications are accredited by a respected statutory body, such as the British Computer Society (BCS).

Which Training Courses Might Assist Your IT Skills Development

The possible options for those wishing to pursue relevant foundation or ongoing studies range from free online courses and how-to books to formal classes at an accredited IT training academy. Given the intensely practical nature of information technology, the latter offers the best chance of lasting success. While any subject choice you make should be based on the immediate needs of your workplace, there are numerous options. Preparing yourself for anticipated future developments can also be a good career move.

Mobile and Desktop apps, applications that leverage gaming technology, web development, networking, data management, and cybersecurity remain in high demand, despite the rise of cloud computing and AI. Suppose you have reached the point where you are ready for a new challenge. In that case, you can rest assured that there is never a shortage of openings for business analysts and personnel with experience in Java, Python, or C# programming.

Let Geeks4Learning Provide Your IT Skills Development

As an accredited IT training academy, we partner with employers to provide relevant skills development programmes that add value to their businesses. If you wish to learn more, follow this link so we can discuss your needs.