Up-to-date information enables informed decisions, and staff with business analysis certifications help companies manage the vast amounts of data involved. In the past, businesses relied heavily on paper documentation to record, store, and retrieve information considered crucial for their efficient operation. Even then, the task required people with the skill and experience to identify the snippets needed to keep things running smoothly and their clients happy.

In today’s world, the volume of information available to businesses is almost limitless, most of which is in digital form. The current need is, therefore, no longer for batteries of filing cabinets and clerks to retrieve documents for managers to study. Instead, modern businesses increasingly rely on people with IT skills, a relevant qualification in business analysis, and the ability to employ a company’s data strategically, thus adding value to their employers’ businesses. In short, effective data management has become a prerequisite for most companies in this digital age.

Courses Leading to Business Analysis Certifications

At Geeks4Learning, we cater for this need with a comprehensive 12-month online course in line with current industry standards and trends. The course is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities of the business analyst. Its content is aimed at those seeking a career in this field, but existing analysts wishing to extend their knowledge will also find it of value. No previous knowledge or business experience is required, but entrants must have a matric certificate.

The G4L Academy specialises in e-learning via an advanced online platform that enables learners to interact with tutors and one another. They may study the course material live or download it for use at a more convenient time. This flexibility also allows them to repeat lessons if required.

The course consists of five modules as follows:

  1. Software Engineering Methods: During this module, learners will become familiar with the planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance phases that, collectively, make up the systems development life cycle.
  • An Introduction to Agile: One of the key requirements for a company’s success is to be as agile as possible, and in today’s business world, software is frequently responsible for providing most of that agility. The adjective also refers to a process of software development designed to recognise and adjust to changing circumstances.
  • Requirement Gathering: This module helps learners recognise the various prerequisites necessary to ensure a product or service can achieve its intended purpose.
  • Quality Assurance: The course content of this module focuses on the quality assurance procedures required to align IT strategies with best business practices.
  • Business Analysis Tools: Learners are introduced to popular analytical procedures used in business.

The Benefits of Business Analysis Certifications

The British Computer Society (BCS) is a globally recognised certification authority with 30 years of experience, serving more than 200 countries. Those who complete a BCS-certified course in Business Analysis from Geeks4Learning will be well prepared for a lucrative post in a world where IT and business are inseparable. You can learn more about the course and how business analysis certifications could change your future here.

You can also contact us for more information.