ISTQB certifications are a reliable measure of software-testing skills. This article recommends some tips for success in this board’s accredited exams. The international software testing qualifications board was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2002 and is legally registered in Belgium as a non-profit association. It is the leading global certification scheme in the software-testing field.

The ISTQB operates a worldwide network of training and exam providers. Up to April this year, the board has administered over 1,2 million exams, resulting in more than 845 000 certifications, making it one of the world’s largest and most trusted professional certification schemes.

As a member of the ISTQB network, we at Geeks4Learning provide training and testing based on the course content, terminology, and sample exams compiled by leaders in the field of software testing. Our approved test centre has the staff, equipment, and necessary resources to comply with the board’s required standards for training and examining professional software testers.

Five Tips for Success When Preparing for ISTQB Certifications

Here are five tips that will help you be successful when you prepare for ISTQB Certifications:

  1. Choose the Right Course: Numerous courses are available online, but you would be well-advised to ensure their content complies with the board’s standards and that you meet the prerequisites for entry. A short course might be tempting, but you are unlikely to learn much in five or even ten one-hour audio lectures. Furthermore, although you may be used to studying alone, it can be a lot easier as a member of a group. Select a course that is long enough to cover everything in sufficient detail and enables learners to interact with their tutors and each other. The Geeks4Learning Software Testing NQF is a popular choice.
  • Register Early: Doing so will establish your commitment and set a finite goal. It will be wise to start preparing at least three months before the confirmed exam date. 
  • Test Yourself: When you complete a lesson, the best way to retain your new knowledge is to reinforce it through testing. Tests are an integral part of all Geeks4Learning programmes. Make a note of those questions you get wrong, then revise the relevant lessons, and write the test again. You should have no trouble finding past papers online. Completing these in the final week or two before your exam date will better prepare you for the real thing. It will also familiarise you with the format of exam questions for ISTQB certifications, which are typically multiple-choice questions of which you will need to get 65% correct to pass. Entrants have an hour to complete the exam, so be sure to time yourself.
  • Read the Questions Carefully: Undue haste frequently leads to unforced errors. The devil is in the details, so be sure not to confuse instructions like correct and incorrect or true and false.
  • Don’t Spend too Long Making Your Choices: Each question is only worth one point, regardless of its complexity. Flag it if you are unsure, and return to it later.

Study for ISTQB Certifications with Geeks4Learning

If you would like to learn more about how to qualify as a software tester and gain this coveted certification, we invite you to contact us and start building a future in this exciting and lucrative field.