There is a vast selection of courses for anyone interested in an IT qualification, but only those with professional certifications will guarantee credibility. Few industries are as disruptive and subject to continuous advances as information technology.

Competition between companies is fierce, and each hopes to attract highly qualified personnel that can help them gain a competitive edge with offers of top salaries and perks. However, applicants will need more than glowing references before applying for a place on this lucrative bandwagon. They will need to be sure that their qualifications are worth more than the paper they are printed on.

The industry has several certification schemes, one of the best known being the British Computer Society (BCS). Like all such schemes, its role is to set the standards required to ensure IT qualifications are aligned with the needs of the industry and can be trusted by prospective employers. Certification bodies set the standards for course content and the security and quality of examinations.

Reasons Why the IT Industry Values Professional Certifications

Certification proves the means to set a benchmark by which to judge technical expertise and commitment, and it offers several benefits to both employees and their employers as follows:

1. Benefits to Employees

  • Certified Job Seekers Stand Out to Agencies and HR Managers: Competition for IT jobs is always stiff, but an accredited qualification that aligns with the employer’s job description is a means to boost your resume significantly and should, at least, ensure it will get a second look. Furthermore, an accredited qualification is frequently a prerequisite.
  • Increased Promotion Prospects: For those more ambitious employees willing to invest in themselves, pursuing professional certifications offers a great way to establish and keep their feet on the promotions ladder. In practice, there is every chance that they will encourage management to finance their studies by acting on their own initiative.
  • Create Networking Opportunities: IT entrepreneurs that start their own companies can often benefit by collaborating with larger, more experienced organisations. Having one or two accredited personnel is the best way to arouse interest in those with whom you wish to partner.

2. Benefits to Employers

  • Increased Employee Retention: It also pays employers to provide existing IT staff with an opportunity to upskill and acquire professional certifications. Demonstrating a willingness to invest in personnel inspires loyalty and can help to put a brake on the frequent job-hopping typical of this industry.
  • Increased Productivity: Studies by some of the industry’s leaders have shown that staff members with professional certifications are more productive as they are better equipped to cope with challenges and leverage emerging technologies.
  • Increased Client Trust: Clients quickly lose confidence in companies with a high staff turnover. A company that can’t gain the loyalty of its employees is unlikely to fare better with client retention. Investment in accredited personnel inspires confidence in both staff and customers.

Where to Find Courses Leading to Professional Certifications

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