Embracing the benefits of the digital age is vital for business success. IT skills development courses prepare staff to manage today’s business challenges. The digital revolution began in the mid-90s with the arrival in the public domain of the World Wide Web, Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer. However, the initial impact was mainly to increase the sales of personal computers. Later, as new and valuable applications for this technology emerged, traditional business practices were transformed, and the global village was born.

Nevertheless, many businesses maintained their old methodologies until a devastating, unexpected event occurred. The Covid-19 pandemic proved to be one of the most disruptive events in the history of commerce, sparking a widespread transition to online trading, remote working, and a cashless society. Unfortunately, many of those who were technologically ill-prepared to meet the challenges of this transition are now struggling.

The survivors were those businesses with the hardware, software, and skills to leverage them efficiently. Digital technology continues to evolve, creating new opportunities with cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence. Is your company future-proofed?

Java OCA – One of the Most Popular IT Skills Development Courses

We have established the importance of programming knowledge, so the next step is to decide which language to study. Estimates of the number available range from 250 to 2 500. However, of these, fewer than a dozen are widely used. Java first appeared in the early 90s and has been used to create millions of applications. It is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language and can be used across multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, MacOS, UNIX, and Android.

The fact that Java code is easy to learn, combined with its invaluable “write once, run anywhere” ability, has ensured that the language is still as popular today as the beverage after which it was named. Oracle acquired Java from Sun Microsystems in 2010 and has been instrumental in creating a certification pathway. The first step on the ladder is Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). It is the ideal opportunity to prepare one or more of your staff to help your company meet the challenges of the digital age and grow.

The Required Content of Relevant IT Skills Development Courses

While there are books and online videos on the subject, developing the necessary practical skills when working alone is difficult. An effective study programme should enable two-way interaction between learners, tutors, and fellow students. Only in this way can one maximise the chance of satisfying the Oracle requirements for certification (1Z0-808) as an associate.

Although familiarity with programming concepts could be helpful, it’s not generally an entry prerequisite. Learners will work stepwise through each aspect of the coding process, beginning with the fundamentals. As the course continues, they will learn about operators and assignments, declarations, access and flow control, handling exceptions, memory management, and every requirement of a skilled Java programmer. Regular tests and quizzes help monitor progress and guide revision.

Sourcing the Best IT Skills Development Courses

We at Geeks4Learning are an accredited IT training academy offering a 6-week Java SE 8 course leading to Oracle Certified Associateship via a fully interactive blended learning platform. If you are concerned about how your business is meeting the challenges of digitisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.