Information has become the new global currency and is driving an urgent need for accredited IT training in South Africa’s most populous city – Johannesburg. Technology, most of which relies on some aspect of information technology, is evolving at an unprecedented rate. However, except for a few countries like China, Britain, India, and the US, most of the world lacks the necessary skills to contribute to and fully benefit from this accelerating digital revolution.

Fortunately, although South Africa has a marked IT skills shortage, this need not be a problem but merely an opportunity. We have a massive untapped source of potential talent that only requires some accredited IT training to build a brighter future for them and our nation’s economy.

Most companies will find they have an employee or two with the potential to play a far more productive role in their operations with a bit of help to develop some new skills. The “place of gold” is home to an internationally accredited IT training academy. At Geeks4Learning, we offer a range of short- and long-term IT courses. Our content has been specially structured to satisfy the known, current requirements of the nation’s IT industry.

What is an Accredited IT Training Course?

Anyone may slap together a video and some dialogue to create an online training course, sell it cheaply, or even offer it free via portals like ClickBank and YouTube. They may even issue a certificate on completion. However, if a certificate is to carry any weight with a potential employer, its authenticity needs to be backed by a recognised accreditation authority.

The accreditation process is comprehensive, addressing multiple facets of training and assessment, including the following:

  • The training resources, including tutors, premises, and equipment
  • The course content, its relevance, and its ability to ensure learners can achieve the stated goals of the course

  • The exam content, its relevance to the material studied, and its suitability as a valid measure of the learner’s abilities.
  • Examination security, the measures in place to validate each candidate’s identity, whether physical or online, and an adequate proctoring system to eliminate cheating

Geeks4Learning Accredited IT Training Backed by Four Bodies

To ensure the quality, integrity, and relevance of our training and examination procedures, we call on the services of the following agencies:

  1. The British Computer Society: BCS is widely viewed as the gold standard for international IT accreditations. It’s recognised in over 200 countries and offers more than 60 certifications in 10 core subject areas. Geeks4Learning courses are accredited by BCS.
  • Pearson VUE: This organisation is not an accreditation body but a source of the various accreditated examinations our learners must complete to attain their recognised qualifications. Pearson Vue technology also provides the necessary security systems for proctoring online candidates.
  • Certiport: This is an arm of Pearson Vue whose purview is those taking the same exams but at a live testing centre.
  • ISTQB: This is a specialised body responsible for certification in software testing.

The need for trained computer specialists is urgent and growing. Accredited IT training offers many lucrative opportunities for career advancement. We would encourage employers and individuals to get in touch for more information about our courses and the future opportunities they could unlock for companies, people, and the nation in general.