Meet Vanessa Mhlanga, a #Geeks women in leadership that is empowering and #building future Geeks women to become leaders!


Read about her inspiring journey to leadership below:

Vanessa is a member of SABPP (HR Associate Professional).BA Public Management and a Governance qualification holder (BA Admin). She is innovative, ambitious, assertive and goal oriented. Recently she completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Management at the IIE Varsity College (Cum Laude).

She has worked as a Human Resource Administrative Assistant for a well know retail company for four years, managing all aspects of the office function and meeting customer expectations as well as handling all recruitment and payroll. During these four years she developed her skills as a HR Administrative Assistant and obtained several performance awards and appraisals from management.

She then worked as an HR Training and Development Coordinator for an e-learning company in the African e-learning Academy division. Her primary responsibility was coordinating training and development logistics and events for the division, creative content writing and research, learning solutions, recruitment, Human Resource Administration and also various adhoc operational duties.

She continued her career journey in the education industry by working for another training institution as a Human Resource Officer. This is where she handled all Recruitment, Talent Management, Performance Management, Payroll for one of their Campuses and Online Centres.

She moved on to become a Graduate Placement Manager in the Graduate Support Services Department of another training institution and her job was to help ensure that the graduates have the confidence, tools, and channels to market the relevant skills and attributes that make them attractive to industry and thus increase their employment prospects.

Currently she is the Human Resources Manager at Geeks4Learning and is responsible for coordinating and executing all administrative activities related to the organisation’s personnel for the organisation. Her duties include but are not limited to: recruitment strategies, implementing systems for managing staff life cycle such as benefits, payroll and behaviour. Ensuring sound advice and the seamless and consistent delivery of the departments’ services to senior management and employees in line with company procedures and compliance standards.

As our Human Resource Manager, Vanessa is a remarkable woman in leadership. She serves as a guiding light for all of us due to her transformative and inspiring journey to her current role. Her ascent through the ranks of her industry has been a testament to her dedication, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. Her presence at the helm of the HR department is of great significance, especially considering her pivotal role in helping the youth access opportunities in the IT sector through our training academy. She not only ensures that our workforce is diverse and inclusive but also actively supports and mentors young talents, fostering their growth and development in this rapidly evolving field. Her leadership is a source of inspiration, fostering innovation and empowerment for the next generation of IT professionals.


She inspires us all to strive to become #Geeks in leadership too!

A message of empowerment from Vanessa Mhlanga: Geeks4Learning Human Resource Manager:

“Remember your strength and potential as you journey into leadership. Your unique perspective and talents can create positive change. Embrace your voice with confidence, as your ideas matter and can inspire transformation. Support and encourage fellow women to achieve remarkable things.”