The IT industry constantly needs programmers, developers, data specialists, and those with the various skills learned from a full-stack development course. Few areas of modern living have not gained or been made simpler due to repeated advances in digital technology, and progress is continuing as consumer demands grow and change.

The Internet is a classic example of accelerated growth. What began as an innovative, rapid, universal text-based and verbal communication option has become a seemingly infinite virtual commercial space with ever-increasing possibilities. Furthermore, career opportunities are equally boundless for those with the necessary skills to extend and improve the application of the most disruptive technology since steam power and electricity.

While many choose to study for years to obtain a degree in information technology, completing a 12-month full-stack development course can be ample to gain a foot on the ladder in this fascinating, increasingly vital, and potentially lucrative industry. So, what does this shorter option entail?

The Key Elements of a Full-Stack Development Course

While Java remains popular with programmers, the C# language is more advanced when comparing features. The latter is, therefore, widely regarded as better suited for developers and an essential core component of courses for IT developers.

At Geeks4Learning, our aim is to enable those who attend our full-stack developer course to gain competency with both front- and back-end technologies. To that end, our training is aligned with the requirements of a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

During the 12-month course, learners will cover programming with C# 6.0 and all the additional skills required to create a C#.Net full-stack project. Among others, the course content will include the following key areas:

  • Programming with hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), and the popular scripting language, JavaScript, used in the design of animated web pages and client-server applications.
  • XML programming, web services, and web application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Programming with Python, basic Linux use, and shell scripting
  • Developing mobile apps and employing the ASP.NET MVC model to develop business applications
  • SQL server programming and database concepts, including relational database management systems (RDBMS) and the alternative NoSQL non-relational format.
  • TypeScript and Angular, a framework for building applications with HTML and TypeScript, and Azure, a cloud platform for creating scalable applications

How Geeks4Learning Conducts the Full-Stack Development Course

In line with modern remote learning trends and to minimise the typically high cost of tertiary education, we conduct our courses through a process of blended learning. We focus on course content that is directly relevant to the latest needs of the IT industry and ensure it is delivered by experienced instructors drawn from the profession.

Our C# developer’s course is of 12 months duration, but learners have access to the study material for a further 12 months, allowing plenty of time to revise and reinforce their understanding.

Getting Started with Your Full-Stack Development Course

No previous programming knowledge is necessary. If you have a matric certificate and are eyeing a career in IT, why not click here to complete our online form and kickstart your future today?