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Success in your career is not just about climbing the ladder, but also about lifting others as you rise. The true measure of achievement is not only personal growth but the positive impact you make on the lives and careers of those around you

Hanna Vermaak is a seasoned professional with a dedicated focus on the dynamic fields of Human Resources and Soft Skills in the Workplace. Possessing a wealth of experience and a passion for nurturing the growth of individuals within the corporate sphere.

Her journey into the area of Human Resources began with a profound belief in the value that people add to a company. This belief has been the driving force behind her commitment to fostering positive work environments where individuals can thrive and contribute their best.

Hanna currently holds the position of Soft Skills Facilitator at Geeks4Learning. 

Recognizing the vital need for young professionals to skillfully navigate through the complexities of the business environment, she has taken on the responsibility of guiding them through tailored soft skills courses and facilitating sessions that includes practical exercises, role plays and a safe space for interns to explore and inquire about professional behavior and understanding workplace etiquette.

Her approach is rooted in the fundamental principles of treating others with respect and dignity, acknowledging the importance of these values in building strong and collaborative teams. Witnessing the development of young individuals from their first Soft Skills Facilitation Session to their first job appointment is a source of immense fulfilment and drives her ongoing dedication to this dual role.

In her continuous journey, Hanna is driven by a commitment to continuous learning, growth, and the belief that the human element is the heart of every successful organization. She eagerly anticipates further contributions to the development of individuals and the success of the teams she is fortunate to be a part of.