The nature of work has changed dramatically in the wake of digital technology. Most jobs require some computer knowledge, so IT skills development is crucial. Acquiring those skills need not require three years of full-time study at a university to earn a computer science degree. Some familiarity with the fundamentals of a popular programming language like Java, C#, or Python gained by attending an accredited short course could be a game-changing addition to an otherwise unremarkable CV.

Job opportunities in many sectors have been dwindling in recent years due to the lockdown restrictions and other constraints imposed by a severely weakened economy. By contrast, the demand for those with computer skills has remained constant and, in many cases, grown. At Geek4Learning, we are dedicated to strategies that empower South Africa’s youth. These include a variety of IT courses leading to internationally recognised certifications to help the industry fulfil its personnel requirements and prepare the next generation of industry leaders.

Although we are passionate about IT skills development, we also understand that learners may find it impractical to attend classes physically, especially if they are in full-time employment. Accordingly, we employ some of the technology we teach to present them. Learners receive most of their instruction online via an advanced learning platform, enabling two-way interaction between learners and tutors.

Available IT Development Skills Options

In addition to skills development consultations, to guide employers in utilising their B-BBEE spend to upskill staff and earn points, we offer IT-based, part-time training courses of between 4 days and 12 months. The following is a list of the study opportunities currently provided by us for those who want to extend their career options with some sought-after IT skills:

  • Java: Although almost 30 years old, Java remains popular for its easy syntax and cross-platform compatibility. We offer two options:
  • A 12-month Java Full Stack Developer course in line with NQF 5 Systems Development criteria
  • C#: This is a general-purpose coding language used in websites, mobile and desktop apps, and gaming. Two courses are available:
  • A Programming in C# 6.0 course, lasting four weeks
  • A C# Full Stack Developer course, lasting 12 months
  • Python: Its simplicity makes it quick to learn and ideal for non-programmers. It has applications in website and software development and data analysis and visualisation.
  • A one-week Python for Beginners course

Other offerings include:

  • Business Analysis: Suitable for aspiring analysts or those wishing to expand their skills (12 months).
  • Software Testing: The principles and use of tools for testing software (12 months).
  • Certified Ethical Hacker: Aninvaluable IT skills development course for anyone considering a job in data security (5 days).
  • CompTIA A+: An introduction to problem-solving in the IT world (one week).
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Use of the Azure platform in cloud computing (4 days).

More About These IT Skills Development Courses

For some courses, previous programming experience may be helpful, but most have no prerequisites. Quizzes are used to assess progress and must be passed to pursue certification. Course material remains available online so you can prepare at your own pace. Please contact us with any other questions you may have.