There are many online study courses for IT qualifications, but these are suspect unless officially certified. BCS certifications guarantee authenticity. Many of those who failed to achieve their goals whilst at school welcome the opportunities created by the Internet. We can now study almost any subject, from astrology and biochemistry to playing the piano and speaking Zulu, without leaving our homes, and many of these courses are free. There is an adage that says, “Something for nothing has no value,” and this is invariably true of free online learning.

While some pursue such studies purely for enjoyment, others want to acquire a qualification that could further their career or improve their employment prospects. Unfortunately, however official-looking, a certificate signed by an executive of some obscure online training startup will achieve neither.

Certification is not merely issuing a piece of paper. The validity of a certificate depends on the bona fide status of the signatory. Few bodies can equal the depth of worldwide trust in the British Computer Society as an authenticator of IT qualifications.

What Assurances Do BCS Certifications Offer?

The society is a professional body also known as The Chartered Institute for IT. It was established in 2009 to represent those employed in Britain and internationally in information technology, computer science, software engineering, and allied fields. BCS’s objectives are to promote the study and application of computing and communications technology worldwide to benefit IT professionals and the public in general.

Most significantly, The British Computer Society sets acceptable benchmarks for study material, course content, trainers, examinations, and proctoring. The professional body provides a seal of authenticity for training establishments and their qualifications to centres that comply with its stringent accreditation requirements.

While these tasks may sound like an admirable undertaking, what are the implications for someone studying for an IT qualification at an online centre? Simply put, they will be assured that if, for example, they are pursuing a Java programming course and succeed in their final exam, their qualification will be automatically recognised as authentic by employers and recruitment agencies worldwide. 

Geeks4Learning and BCS Certifications

We are accredited as a training and examination centre by the prestigious British Computer Society, providing tailored IT training, MICT SETA accredited IT learnerships, and professional IT certifications and assessments.

Our learners receive their lessons online, either at work or at home, from certified trainers. However, qualifying examinations are also held at other venues, which may include a secure room in a candidate’s house.

All exam centres used by us at Geeks4Learning must be accredited by a body such as PearsonVUE, Certiport, ISTQB, or BCS. Each of these bodies exercises stringent security measures, including identity checks, and candidates are closely proctored at every stage in the proceedings to eliminate any chance of cheating.

An investment in information technology is investing in the future. Our lifestyles increasingly depend on innovative computing applications like robotics, augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. BCS certifications can help to ensure the competence of those involved in these developments.

Want to Improve Your Career Prospects?

At Geeks4Learning, we offer accredited courses in Java, Python, and C# for beginners and professionals wishing to extend their IT skills. Why not get in touch to learn more about these and other BCS certifications?