The rise of information technology has been as rapid as it has been disruptive, creating an urgent need to address the shortfalls in IT skills development. In South Africa, until 1994 and the advent of majority rule, the majority of the country’s citizens were precluded from quality education and the opportunity for a professional post. It was to rectify this situation and address the local shortage of IT skills that Geeks4Learning was established in 2019.

Our society is becoming increasingly dependent upon computers and information technology every year. The Internet has become a faster and more convenient way to do everything from banking and shopping to booking a holiday or finding a compatible life partner. However, none of those handy applications would be possible without the skills and experience of a computer programmer.

Information technology is no longer exclusive to giant corporations. It is now a tool for everyone, whether developers or end-users. IT courses are changing lives and creating endless opportunities for job seekers and career advancement.

IT Skills Development is Vital to Meeting Industry Needs

Although California’s Silicon Valley was once regarded as the world leader in IT development, that crown has since experienced a growing challenge from other countries like India, China, Japan, and Poland, and their newly found talents significantly contribute to their national economies. Even some oil-rich Middle Eastern countries see IT as a lucrative alternative as zero-carbon initiatives start to gain traction. So, why not South Africa?

At Geeks4Learning, we work closely with the IT industry, identifying its current needs and new technological trends. Through this close liaison, we can ensure that the content of our courses is relevant and our learners have the skills needed to secure a future in this rapidly changing industry.

About our Part-Time IT Skills Development Courses

Seven top South African universities offer degrees in computer science, but not everyone can afford the time for full-time attendance or the fees. However, the skills learned from a short course can provide an entrée to the industry in light of the present shortfall. In short, the skills learned from a part-time Java, Python, or C# course can be a valuable addition to your CV, whether you are already employed or still looking for a job. Let’s explore some options in more detail:

  • Java Programming Courses: At the entry level, we offer a 6-week Java SE Programmer course in line with the requirements for an Oracle Certified Associate. Alternatively, the 12-month option could land you a job as a full-stack Java Developer. The latter is ideal for anyone interested in Android mobile apps, web development, and online gaming.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker: Cyber attacks to steal personal information or extort ransom money are a constant risk to systems with unknown vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers are invaluable for detecting and eliminating such weaknesses. Our five-day course will give you a good start.
  • Business Analysis: Learn to create business solutions that add value and measurable benefits with our 12-month IT skills development course.

Secure Your Future with an IT Skills Development Course

The above are just three of the online learning opportunities at Geeks4Learning. Complete our online enquiry form to learn more. It could transform your life forever.