Basic Business Mathematics

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Course Overview

About this course:

This course is meant to refresh learners on the most fundamental aspects of business math.  Our content will guide learners in basic math skills they may need to leverage for their job. In this lesson, viewers will learn what business math entails and when it might be useful. In addition, learners will review the basic parts of math equations, consider positive and negative numbers on a number line, and learn about absolute value.


Learning Outcomes: 

  1. To perform fundamental mathematical calculations correctly
  2. Be able to do basic mathematical estimations
  3. Understand statistics and how to use it in business
  4. Solve geometry problems
  5. Display and interpret business information visually
  6. Understand the time value of money


Pass Requirement;

View 100% of module content


Course Duration: 

2 Days


Access Duration:

2 Weeks


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