CATEGORY: Databases

Database Concepts (RDBMS and NoSQL)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

About this course: 

This course on Databases is aimed at introducing the learner to databases, both RDBMS and NoSQL databases as these are an integral part of almost any application anyone develops. This course will cover RDBMS and NoSQL databases that store their information in different ways.

Course Pre-requisites:

There are no pre-requisites for this course. However, familiarity or basic understanding of computers will be beneficial.

Learning Units:

  • Unit 1: understanding core database concepts 
  • Unit 2: create database objects 
  • Unit 3: ACID and BASE
  • Unit 4Database standards
  • Unit 5: Database architecture
  • Unit6:Database Security
  • Unit 7: Relational Databases
  • Unit 8: NoSQL Databases
  • Unit 9: Data Warehousing Databases
  • Unit 10: Using SQL in Databases
  • Unit 11: Database programming
  • Unit 12: Database Continuity
  • Unit 13: Database Reliability

Pass Requirement:

Minimum of 60% for the Master Quiz
Minimum of 60% for the IKM assessment
Access Duration:
1 week
Course Duration:
1 Month

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