CATEGORY: Advanced Programming Concepts

Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

About this course:

This OOAD course is aimed at teaching the learner the basic concepts of designing and analysing for a project as it is an important part of the Software Development Life Cycle. This course will cover Analysis and design of projects using UML (Unified Modeling Language)

Course Pre-requisites:

Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is required.

Learning units:

  • Unit 1: Object orientation concepts 
  • Unit 2: Notations
  • Unit 3: Use case diagrams
  • Unit 4: Sequence diagrams
  • Unit 5: Activity diagrams
  • Unit 6: State chart diagrams
  • Unit 7: Class diagrams
  • Unit 8: Design axioms
  • Unit 9: Collaboration diagrams 
  • Unit 10: Access and presentation layers
  • Unit 11: Access layer and subsystem design


Pass Requirement:

Minimum of 60% for the Master Quiz.
Minimum of 60% for the IKM assessment.

Course Duration:

1 Week

Access Duration:

1 Month

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