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Software Testing

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

About this Learning Plan: 

This learning plan is aimed at giving you an in-depth look and dive into the world of software testing. Going from the fundamentals to more advanced concepts such as UFT and Selenium, at the end of this qualifications you will be confident and ready to be a tester.

Course Pre-requisites: 

There are no pre-requisites for this course. However, basic programming knowledge will be useful.

Software Testing Qualification (12 Months) Learning Plan covers the following courses: 

• Tester Foundation

• Software Development Methodologies

• Agile in Testing

• Unified Functional Testing

• Selenium

• Test Analyst

Pass Requirement:

• Minimum of 80% for all the Master Quizzes. 

• Minimum of 70% for all the IKMs. 

Learning Plan Duration: 12 months

Access Duration: 24 months


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