CATEGORY: Software Testing

Test Analyst

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

About this course:

This qualification is aimed at people who have achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing. This certification focuses on the advanced working responsibilities of the Test Analyst: Structure the tasks defined in the test strategy in terms of business domain requirements. Analyse the system in sufficient detail to meet the user quality expectations. Evaluate the system requirements to determine domain validity. Prepare and execute adequate activities, and report on their progress. Provide the necessary evidence to support the evaluation. Implement the necessary tools and techniques to achieve the defined goals.

Course Pre-requisites: 

The minimum requirement for a candidate to write this exam is: 

  • A valid ISTQB Foundation certificate

The following experience is recommended: 

  • 18 Months of practical software testing or IT experience

Learning Units:

Pass Requirement;

Minimum of 60% for the Master Quiz.

Minimum of 60% for IKM Assessment

Course Duration: 

3 Months

Access Duration: 

6 Months

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