CATEGORY: Advanced Programming Concepts

Web Services

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

About this course:

This Web Services course is aimed at introducing the learner to web services in order to broaden their development horizons. This course will cover the fundamentals of Web Services and an in-depth look at their applications in the real world.

Course Pre-requisites:

  • Experience with programming is required.
  • An understanding of basic web architecture and the HTTP protocol.


Learning Units:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Web Services 
  • Unit 2: Building Web services with JAX-WS
  • Unit 3: Building RESTful Web services with JAX-RS 
  • Unit 4: WebService support 
  • Unit 5: Messaging standards and specifications 
  • Unit 6: Discovery, Description and Metadata Specifications 
  • Unit 7: Web Services support
  • Unit 8: Web Service transports
  • Unit 9: Web service transaction specifications 
  • Unit 10: Web service reliability specifications 
  • Unit 11: Web Service Management and interoperability specifications
  • Unit 12: Error Definition & Handling


Pass Requirement:

Minimum of 60% for the Master Quiz.

Minimum of 60% for the IKM assessment.

Course Duration:

1 Week

Access Duration:

1 Month

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