Java Developer

About this Learning Plan: 

Java Developer is an intensive 6-months learning plan that helps you become a successful Java developer. It starts with the Java Basic java course, Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) credential as the first step, followed by the Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) credential. Once the learner masters the Java Basics, the learner gets Advanced training on JavaEE, Spring, and Hibernate Framework to improve the programming capability to develop and deploy applications using Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7. The learners also get an in-depth understanding of the integration of the Spring and Hibernate frameworks.

Course Pre-requisites: 

There is no pre-requisite for this course. Prior exposure to object-oriented programming concepts and basic programming knowledge is not required, but beneficial.

Java Developer (6 Months) Learning Plan covers the following courses (All the courses needs to be completed in the below sequence): 

  • Java SE 8 Programmer I (OCA)
  • Java SE 8 Programmer II (OCP)
  • Java EE 7
  • Spring & Hibernate Framework

Pass Requirement: 

  • Minimum of 60% for all the Master Quizzes.
  • Minimum of 60% for all the IKMs.
  • Minimum of 65% for the Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification (Exam Code: 1Z0-808).
  • Minimum of 65% for the Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification (Exam Code: 1Z0-809).
  • Minimum of 66% for the Java EE 7 Application Developer Certification (Exam Code: 1Z0-900).

Learning Plan Duration: 6 months

Access Duration: 12 months

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