Python 3 Programming

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About this course: The Python 3 programming is a course aimed at introducing the learner to Python programming language. The course improves the student’s ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the basics of programming in the Python language and the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming. The course covers basic to advanced topics like variables, control structures, data types, file manipulation, GUI design and many more.   Course Pre-requisites:  There are no specific prerequisites for taking up the Python Programming course. However, a basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies is beneficial.   Learning Units:

  • Unit 1: Starting with Python
  • Unit 2: Numbers
  • Unit 3: Strings
  • Unit 4: Conditional Statements
  • Unit 5: Loops
  • Unit 6: Functions
  • Unit 7: Lists
  • Unit 8: Dictionaries
  • Unit 9: Text Files
  • Unit 10: Object-Oriented Programming
  • Unit 11: Graphics
  • Unit 12: Modules
  • Unit 13: Regular Expressions
  • Unit 14: Mathematical Operations
  • Unit 15: The itertools and collections modules
  • Unit 16: Exceptions and errors
  • Unit 17: GUI programming
  • Unit 18: Dynamic web pages
  • Unit 19: Generators and Coroutines
  • Unit 20: Formatting and decorators

Pass Requirement:

  • Minimum of 60% for the Master Quiz.
  • Minimum of 60% for the IKM assessment.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks Access Duration: 4 Months View Full Course Description: View T&C’s:


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