Over the years, the languages used to write computer programmes have become more numerous and evolved to almost beyond recognition. Having begun as purely symbolic instructions that more closely resembled machine code and understandable only to the writer, modern languages employ phrases that more closely resemble written English. Another significant change has been the transition from functional to object-oriented coding. One of the benefits of attending a C# programming course is that this language is readily understandable and combines both functional and object-oriented paradigms.

The language combines the best features of its precursors, C and C++, and was developed by Microsoft in the year 2000, following Sun Microsystem’s refusal to allow the company to make changes to Java. The Microsoft general-purpose language is one of several supported by its .NET framework and has rapidly gained popularity among programmers worldwide.

For the keen computer gamers who may dream of creating their own bestseller, enrolling in a C# programming course would be the logical first step. The language is the preferred choice of many of those who develop for the Unity Game Engine, responsible for more than a third of the world’s top games. In addition to designing for traditional devices, this combination of engine and language also supports game development for Oculus and Samsung VR headsets.

However, the scope for this language extends well beyond the gaming industry. For example, anyone who may aspire to build applications for the Windows desktop or develop mobile apps will benefit from a C# programming course. Furthermore, despite displaying all the complex functionality one would expect from a modern high-level language, it is relatively easy to learn.

A library of reusable components allows the programmer to sidestep much of that underlying complexity while also speeding up the software development process. Often, spotting coding errors can be a problem, particularly for the beginner. However, because C# is statically typed, the code is checked while compiling and not at runtime, which means less time spent on debugging. Furthermore, after completing a suitable C# programming course, a new candidate will not be left to sink or swim. In practice, there are numerous sources of online support, such as StackOverflow, plus a massive community of experienced programmers who are willing to share their knowledge and answer questions for those who may need a little help.

The ability to code in any language can be a valuable addition to one’s CV, and even more so if that language happens to be in high demand. This derivative of C and C++ tops the list of sought-after programming languages in South Africa, along with Java and Python. For those with an ambition to travel, in the United States alone, job vacancies for around 5 000 candidates with the skills gained from a C# programming course are available on any given day.

There are many valid reasons to learn this popular coding language, and, should you wish, you could simply order the relevant volume of the “Dummies” series from Amazon. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy a uniquely blended training model that combines expert tuition with invaluable hands-on experience, apply to geeks4learning. We are a training provider that offers a choice of three-, six- and 12-month C# programming courses, with the latter leading to an internationally recognised qualification.