The digital age has transformed many aspects of our daily lives, and few things could have made this more evident than the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even before the virus struck, we had largely ceased to pen handwritten letters in favour of communicating by email and social media. Now, banks are closing worldwide as more clients forsake cash and perform their banking and purchasing online. The escalating demand for information technology expertise has sparked a growing need for IT learnerships. While job opportunities in many other sectors are declining, there are numerous openings for those with ambition and some fundamental programming knowledge.

Naturally, the top jobs invariably require an experienced applicant with more advanced abilities. However, even a short course could prove enough for a newbie programmer to gain a foothold in an industry characterised by its exceptional diversity. Today, there is hardly a sector that can operate effectively without recourse to some form of digital technology. Each of those sectors represents a career opportunity for those who chose to pursue appropriate IT learnerships.

Radical new advances in computer science now seem to be a regular occurrence. However, not everyone is blessed with the imagination and drive required for a role at its cutting edge. In practice, there are many lucrative openings for those willing to involve themselves with more established yet equally vital systems. For example, the online banking and shopping software programmes mentioned earlier constantly need updates and valuable new features. Developing these should be well within the abilities of anyone who has completed one of the many available IT learnerships.

For those with a flair for creativity, website development and the gaming industry hold boundless possibilities. Sound knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 combined with good graphics skills may be enough to create some stunning web pages. However, by mastering the use of an object-orientated programming language such as Javascript or C++, one can also offer clients the means to bring their web pages to life by creating a more interactive user experience. This combination is just one example of a set of programming skills available to anyone when enrolling in IT learnerships. 

As for gaming, the possibilities are endless. As you read these words, the chances are that someone is about to launch a first-person quest or combat game that will become the next worldwide sensation. However, digital gaming technology also has a more practical side. It is now used widely to create interactive simulations for training in fields ranging from piloting a supertanker and managing a nuclear power plant to performing cardiac surgery and delivering a baby. Simulations like these and many others are being adapted for VR. After completing suitable IT learnerships, you could also play a part in that transition. Don’t worry if you believe that you may lack the background to qualify for a programming course. There are introductory courses that will prepare you for more advanced studies at a later stage. So, assuming you are keen to participate in the ongoing digital revolution, who should you turn to for help? Your best option will be to follow the example of those who have enrolled in IT learnerships with geeks4learning. It could be a life-changing experience.