The microchip has had an unparalleled influence on the human lifestyle. Few homes are without at least one digital device, while there are now more mobile phones in the world than people. Though less numerous, personal computers now play a significant role in most workplaces, driving demand for employees with varying degrees of computer literacy. However, while typing ability and familiarity with a few software programmes may be helpful additions to your CV, an IT learnership could open many more doors. There are three main options open to those who choose to pursue the latter route in South Africa. 

A Degree in Information Technology

Several South African brick-and-mortar universities offer degree courses in information technology for those who meet the entry requirements and are willing to study full-time. Competition for admission is invariably tough. While you may qualify for entry, it will not guarantee a place, assuming you can afford the course fees. However, you can bypass some of these obstacles by applying for your IT learnership at correspondence institutions. Firstly, you will do most of your studying at home, and your fees will be significantly lower.

Furthermore, while you will still be required to meet the admission criteria, they are less stringent. Some relevant work experience could tip the balance in your favour. Either way, the process is lengthy. You will require at least one year of full-time study to earn an entry-level NQF qualification.

On-the-Job Studies

Many trades once relied solely on apprenticeships as a cheaper alternative to employing experienced workers. Today, many banks and prominent institutions offer IT learnerships and opportunities in other fields as a component of their social responsibility programmes. These openings are frequently centred on the needs of deserving but previously disadvantaged individuals, offering them the benefits of a modest stipend and work-based training relevant to the company concerned. The training provided may or may not lead to a formal qualification. In exchange, the learner must generally commit to a fixed period of employment. While these schemes are popular, those with more ambitious goals may find them somewhat restrictive.

Accredited Training Academy

IT learnership opportunities can often preclude worthy candidates from a field with more job opportunities than others when local unemployment statistics are causing serious concern. It is, therefore, fortunate that there is an option for those wishing to pursue a career in information technology that removes some of the common obstacles facing those in search of relevant training. 

Geeks4Learning is an accredited academy providing training services relevant to the current needs of the industry for businesses and individuals in South Africa. We offer applicants a choice of five IT learnerships. Namely, business analysis, software testing, systems support and C# or Java full-stack development. Entry is open to anyone holding a matric certificate with passes in mathematics and English. 

The courses are 12 months long, blending online lessons with classroom instruction, where necessary. We also offer a series of short and micro-courses for those who may want an introduction to information technology or are less concerned about attaining a formal qualification. Geeks4Learning is committed to the creation of employment through training excellence. Explore our solutions to learn more about our IT learnership options and short courses designed to enhance your career prospects in an expanding and lucrative key industry.

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