Your test results will carry more weight when certified by a recognised authority. BCS Test Centres can provide that credence via secure systems on exam day. The three characters form the initial letters of the British Computer Society, a world-renowned professional body and member of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies. It was established in 1957 to raise competency standards within the IT industry.

In addition to establishing a global competency framework for the digital world and launching its Chartered IT Professional Status (CITP), BCS also certifies courses and examinations on behalf of third-party training institutions. One of the body’s most widely-used services is its global network of certified testing facilities. The aim of these centres is to provide a safe and secure test environment that will ensure credibility and trust in a candidate’s results and a respected, sought-after qualification. Today, the British Computer Society has a membership of more than 60 000 and provides its services in 150 countries.

Accredited BCS Test Centres Facilitate Exam Registration

To enrol for an exam, one must have attended a training course with a BCS-accredited training centre or covered the course material through self-study. The latter option is definitely not for the faint-hearted, so you should seriously consider the many benefits of an interactive course with an approved training company. BCS exams are held twice a year, in April and October. Once you have completed your course and decide you are ready to take the next step, you must first register with BCS via their website. Next, you will need to locate a test facility near you.

However, you can bypass much of the hassle by studying with Geeks4Learning, a BCS-accredited training centre. When you enrol in one of our IT training courses, you will have the option to purchase exam vouchers and book your test through our website. Once you have applied and used the vouchers to pay the entry fee, you will receive an automatic email confirming your admission.

Support and Security Measures at BCS Test Centres

Not knowing what to expect on the big day is often one of the biggest fears examination candidates must deal with. Fortunately, BCS offers them an effective means to alleviate this concern by providing its exam entrants with easy access to past papers in their chosen study field.

Examination security is always a key concern, so BCS employs stringent steps to maintain it. Admission to its test centres may require photographic proof of identity, such as a passport or ID document. Candidates may be asked to empty their pockets to prove they have no inadmissible items. Once verified, you will be allocated a workstation and helped to set up the exam software.

Those entering from home face even tighter measures, including continuous online surveillance of their actions and immediate surroundings. Some activities, like a third party entering the room, could see an entrant disqualified and forced to reapply later. While such steps may seem overly intrusive, they guarantee the characteristic integrity of a BCS-accredited exam.

Study and Write Your Exam at our BCS Test Centre

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