The knowledge to be gained from a software programming course has the potential to transform your future, but how can you make the most of it? There are literally hundreds of programming languages in use today, so anyone who may be considering a career as a coder must first decide which of these might be the best to learn.

In practice, many of these languages have only survived because they remain necessary to maintain legacy systems developed decades ago. By contrast, others are highly specialised and were designed for niche applications.

Choosing the Right Software Programming Course

The best career move will be to choose a language that receives a high demand from the IT industry. Currently, the following tend to head its list:

  • Java: The Java programming language was inspired by the prevalent coffee culture at Sun Microsystems during its launch in 1995. It is a high-level, object-oriented language frequently chosen for its cross-platform compatibility. Nearly 30 years later, Java remains as popular as ever for developing video games, mobile apps, and desktop programs.  

At Geeks4Learning, we offer a 6-week course to introduce learners to Java fundamentals and a comprehensive 12-month full-stack Java developer course in line with NQF5 Systems Development requirements.

  • C#: For the benefit of non-musicians, this is pronounced “see-sharp” and refers to a language that shares many of the qualities of Java but is component-oriented rather than class-based. C# is a comparative newcomer and was first released by Microsoft in 2001. As such, it is the preferred choice for developing Windows-specific applications.

If you are interested in pursuing a C# software programming course, we at Geeks4Learning offer two options. Choose our 4-week Programming in C# 6.0 option to test the water or master the basics. Alternatively, our 12-month C# full-stack developer course covers both front-end and back-end use and includes training in line with the requirements of a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

  • Python: The Python programming language owes its origins to a pair of developers from the Netherlands and was first released in 1991, making it the oldest of this popular trio. It was inspired by two earlier languages, ABC and Modula-3. Python is a general-purpose language whose strength lies in a simplified syntax, which enables users to write fewer lines of code when expressing concepts.

Currently, we only offer a one-week “Python for Beginners” course comprising six modules covering Python fundamentals. However, the C# and Java full-stack developer courses also include the main elements of programming with Python 3.0.

The Right Software Programming Course Should Match Your Interests

While the IT industry offers lucrative salaries, being well paid for doing what you love is the best way to guarantee your long-term happiness. If you are a visionary interested in emerging advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, Python should be your choice.

If you’re obsessed with online gaming, Java is widely used by companies involved in game development. Our Java courses also cover JavaScript, the favoured choice of mobile app developers. In practice, if your vocation lies within the IT industry, we can help you get started, so why not get in touch so we can help you choose the best software programming course for you and start planning your future together?