Meet Marike Fourie, a #Geeks women in leadership that is empowering and #building future Geeks women to become leaders!


Read about her inspiring journey to leadership below:

 We are excited to introduce Marike as someone with a passion for life, she is deeply passionate about mentoring and guiding others in their professional career development and providing a platform for our youth to build themselves for their futures. With a knack for strategic thinking and problem-solving and known for resilience and innovation, she thrives on guiding teams to success across diverse business domains. Her current responsibilities involve overseeing various teams to ensure the successful completion of client projects by implementing robust processes that transcend departmental boundaries. Recently completed Executive MBA, enriching her strategic acumen.


She inspires us all to strive to become #Geeks in leadership too!

A message of empowerment from Marike Fourie: Geeks4Learning Chief Operating Officer:

“Life is a vapour, make it count!”