A certified qualification could be the entrée into a lucrative career. A Certiport test centre offers many benefits if you will be writing your exam online. Due to the high cost of full-time study at a university or technical college, many people now choose the more affordable alternative of studying online.

Unfortunately, this is a need that some less scrupulous organisations have chosen to exploit. Attracted by what appears to be a significant saving, many hopefuls have worked hard only to receive a diploma that proved to be not worth the paper on which it was printed. If it is to be accepted by employers and higher educational institutions, the authenticity and relevance of a qualification must be verified by a recognised certification authority.

The certification process begins with the selection of the course provider and culminates on exam day. Geeks4Learning is an authorised Certiport test centre, offering the choice of home, work-based, or in-house examinations. Here’s what you can expect on exam day:

Expert Proctoring Services

Given that these examinations are conducted via the Internet, there would be ample opportunity for cheating without an invigilator. This precaution is clearly impractical for home-based entrants, so a Certiport test centre maintains security and fairness by providing live or online proctoring services, as appropriate. These services include:

  • Camera/video Display: Where indicated, the proctor will remotely monitor the entire testing environment using camera or video surveillance equipment.
  • Observation Window: When present on-site, the proctor might oversee a test candidate via an observation window with a clear view of the whole test area.
  • In-Room Surveillance: When proctoring a large group of exam candidates, the preferred option is for the invigilator to be present in the same room.
  • Other Precautions: Candidates may either be separated by partitions or seated sufficiently far apart to prevent malpractice and minimise distractions. In addition, candidates are not permitted to use electronic devices like printers, copiers, or mobile phones in the exam room.

Support at a Certiport Test Centre

The proctors are not merely invigilators; they are also there to provide guidance and support for the candidates. On arrival at the test centre, the proctor will greet them, explain the pre-exam procedures like the identity verification process, and ensure they understand the exam rules. Their support helps to reduce anxiety and pre-exam jitters and calm them for the task ahead.

Besides maintaining exam security, professional proctoring aims to ensure a smooth exam experience. Certiport centres are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including comfortable seating, modern PCs, and high-speed Internet. In the unlikely event of an unforeseen technical glitch, a dedicated IT professional is always on hand at every official Certiport centre to troubleshoot and remedy such problems.

After their exam, candidates can also benefit from feedback and guidance based on their performance. This post-exam advice can help candidates identify their strengths and those areas that need improvement – an invaluable aid for those who may need to retake an exam.

Certiport Services From Geeks4Learning

Geeks4Learning is an accredited IT training academy and Certiport test centre offering secured proctoring of exams online or in person and practice tests. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details to start your certification journey.